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Additional Learning Needs

Additional Learning Needs (ALN)

Mrs Laura Evans is the school ALNCo. If you have concerns about your child please do not hesitate to contact the school to discuss any matter relating to your child. Ysgol Cefn Meiriadog works with a variety of agencies to support pupils with additional learning needs. The school offers a variety of interventions to ensure children can access the curriculum and are supported appropriately, these are delivered by Mrs Gina Wilkins and are outlined below.

Since January 2022 we have had a new ALN Code in Wales. The information above explains about the new Welsh reforms.

Please copy and paste the link below to access Denbighshire's website which reflects the new code and provides further information:

The interventions we currently provide are outlined below. These may change depending on the needs of our learners.


Say-All-Fast-Minute-Every-Day-Shuffled (SAFMEDS) is a daily practice and assessment strategy. It uses a set of flashcards with a maths question on the front and the correct answer on the back to help your child to answer Maths questions both quickly and accurately as well as to identify any questions that they might be struggling with.

Pupils receive three 20 minute sessions per week.


Catch Up Literacy is a structured one to one intervention for learners who find reading difficult. It uses a book based approach to support learners in their reading of a book, so they activate both dimensions of reading - word recognition processes (including phonics) and language comprehension processes.

The pupils identified as requiring this intervention have two 15 minute sessions per week in which they read from an appropriate level book and complete a linked writing/ recording activity that addresses identified miscues. The emphasis is on providing effective, personalised learning support for the learner within a positive, supportive and enabling framework.


Wordshark is an online programme for reading and spelling. It provides a fun and effective games-based solution for students learning to spell and read. Each pupil completes a baseline test which places them at the best starting point. They then work on different tasks as they progress through the levels. The programme has enduring appeal - pupils enjoy the variety of the activities and the reward games resulting in an enjoyable and motivating way to learn spellings and improve reading skills.


The FRIENDS programmes help people of all ages build resilience, confidence and emotional wellbeing which improves learning and social outcomes in schools, families and work settings.

At Ysgol Cefn Meiriadog we offer 'Fun Friends' for pupils age 4-7, to promote positive social development, and 'Friends for Life', for pupils aged 8-11, to inspire confidence and emotional strength.

The pupils work in small groups with a trained member of staff for 10 weekly sessions. The aim of these sessions is to:

  • build self-esteem and confidence
  • build social and emotional strength
  • help prevent anxiety
  • identify and develop support networks
  • give pupils the skills and tools for coping with life's stresses, build resilience


Here at Ysgol Cefn Meiriadog we are offering a very successful education programme called ‘Seasons for Growth’. 

This programme aims to strengthen the social and emotional wellbeing of children and young people who are dealing with significant life changes by: 

  • Exploring the impact of the change and loss on everyday life. 

  • Learning new ways to respond to these changes.                     

The sessions are held in small groups of 4 – 6 pupils and are held weekly for eight weeks by our trained  ‘Companion’  Mrs Gina Wilkins.  The programme ends with a ‘Celebration’ session and the group meets later in the year for two further sessions to build on earlier learning . 


Repeated reading is an intervention that focusses on reading fluency using passages of text (both fiction and non-fiction). The pupils have three sessions a week involving repeated time practise of the same passage, with feedback. They work towards a specific aim that is appropriate for their age and current fluency level.


This is a reading fluency approach that focusses on the fluency of reading individual high frequency words. The pupils have three weekly sessions involving repeated, timed practise of the word sets, with feedback.

They work systematically through word sets based on a specific aim and then progress to other sets when this aim is achieved. 

We also identify learners who may need extra support in Language, Literacy & Communication or Mathematical Development and provide this on a 1-1 basis or as part of a small group throughout the school day. This support may be daily, twice weekly or weekly and continues for as long as is needed.


This is an attachment-based therapeutic intervention which allows individuals to discover and communicate emotions through a non-directed technique. This intervention uses a person-centred approach and is completed on a one-to-one basis. This support is offered for a 12 week block.