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A Titanic Investigation!

This term, Class 4 have been learning all about the Titanic. We have carried out lots of scientific investigations and we have found out a lot about the history behind the tragedy. 

Scooter Safety

We had a brilliant day learning all about how to stay safe on our scooters. We learnt how to pass pedestrians, what side of the pavement to scoot on, how to cross a road sensibly and how to stop safely. It was great fun to get outside and have a go!

                          Dangerpoint Trip 2021

In the autumn term we all went on a trip to Dangerpoint and learnt about how to stay safe both indoors and outside. We all had a great time there!!

Gym & Swim

The junior children have been enjoying their gym and swim sessions at Denbigh Leisure Centre this term. They have been able to take part in gym sessions following our new Jasmine PE scheme and they have been focussing on building their team skills. In the water, they have been developing their confidence and practising their different strokes.

                 Growth Mindset

We have been developing our Growth Mindset skills by completing an activity called ‘Austin’s Butterfly’. This focussed on using our learning powers of imagination, having a go and perseverance. We produced some wonderful drawings!


Austin’s Butterfly