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Cyfarfod y Criw / Meet the Criw



Our Responsibilities

  • To meet with Mrs Pitt-Lacey weekly to discuss Cymraeg Campus targets
  • Deliver whole-school assemblies on Fridays
  • To promote the Welsh language around school
  • To lead Welsh playground games
  • To choose a new 'Brawddeg yr Wythnos' weekly

Cymraeg Campus

Beth ydi hwn? / What is this?

The Welsh Government aims to have a million Welsh speakers by 2050. This is a long-term aim, and the education system has a key role to play in achieving it. In order to achieve the aim, changes will be needed to the curriculum to ensure that all learners in Wales are able to develop their Welsh language skills for social and work use in the future.

One of the key aims within the 2050 Welsh strategy is to embed positive language use practices supported by formal and informal opportunities to use Welsh socially. 


Where are we up to? 

We have just had our final review of our evidence towards the 'Bronze Award'. We are pleased that the review was successful and we have been recommended to the Welsh Government for recognition of our efforts towards achieving the award. Therefore, we are going to begin working towards the Silver Award.

Da iawn pawb laugh

Our Contributions to Cymraeg Campus

We will update our page regularly with our contributions towards achieving the Bronze Award.


  • Friday Assemblies / Gwasanaeth Dydd Gwener

Every Friday we have taken on the role of leading whole-school assemblies. In our assembly we introduce the new 'Patrwm yr Wythnos' and also announce the Tocyn Iaith Winners.

Patrwm yr Wythnos / Phrase of the Week


  • Dydd Gwyl Dewi

We celebrated Dydd Gwyl Dewi by attending a parade in Denbigh. We walked the parade with other schools, singing Welsh Songs. We had so much fun smiley

  • Straeon Cymraeg / Welsh stories

​​​​​​​Class 3 have been busy making Welsh books. They can't wait to read them to the infants.

Dw i'n hoffi darllen / I like to read.



  • Caffi Cymraeg

​​​​​​​We came up with the idea of 'Caffi Cymraeg' to invite parents in before the school Eisteddfod. Parents attended school to be greeted by the Criw Cymraeg. They could only have a tea/coffi/cake if they asked in Welsh. 

Ga i cacen os gwelwch yn dda? / Can I have a cake please?


  • Eisteddfod yr Urdd

​​​​​​​We introduced the school Eisteddfod in Welsh and had a really fun afternoon listening to a mixture of recitation and Welsh songs.

Da iawn pawb! / Well done everyone!



  • Playground Games / Gemau Buarth

​​​​​​​We are responsible every week of leading Welsh Playground Games. We decided to play the games on a rotational basis every Friday.

Mae pawb yn mwynhau gemau buarth / Everyone is enjoying Welsh Games. 



  • Tocyn Iaith Initiative / Tocyn Iaith

​​​​​​​Each class has a Tocyn Iaith reward system. Tocyn Iaith rewards can be given out during Helpwr Heddiw Sessions or anytime throughout the day where Welsh has been used. All members of staff can give out Tocyn Iaith rewards as well as the Criw Cymraeg. We decided to encourage competition amongst the classes by given out rewards for 'Siaradwr yr Wythnos' from each class, and also a 'Dosbarth Cymraeg yr Wythnos reward. 

Siaradwr Cymraeg y Wythnos ydi... / Welsh Speaker of the week is..


What are we working on?

  • Clwb Cymraeg

​​​​​​​During a meeting with Miss Morris, we discussed ways of enforcing the Welsh language around school. We suggested a Welsh TV club! Our idea is to create a weekly episode in 'Clwb Cymraeg' that will teach new language patterns. We thought we could play the episode on a weekly basis in our Friday assembly.



Brawddeg Yr Wythnos / Sentence Of The Week

Gwaith Gwych

Come take a look at some examples of our Wonderful Welsh Work, chosen by Miss Morris.

Dyma Gwaith Gwych Gymraeg!

'Stori Y Ddraig Goch' - Comic Strips

Stori Cymraeg

Disgrifio Draig

Still image for this video
We used Quivervision to bring the red dragon to life. Then we described the dragon.