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Class 3- Years 3&4 Mr Roberts

Croeso i Dosbarth 3. Welcome to class 3!

We are in Years 3 and 4 and are taught by Mr Roberts.

We all work together in our classroom to make sure that our learning is exciting and enjoyable!

We learn many topics throughout the year and take part in as many different activities both within and outside of school as possible. 
We work closely together to ensure that our learning is always fun, imaginative and creative.

Please enjoy looking through the photographs of our class.


Mr Stephen Roberts

Autumn Term 1a

                                Vicious Vikings!


This term we have chosen as a class to learn about the Vikings and have called our topic Vicious Vikings! We will be learning about where the Vikings came from and how they settled in Great Britain. We will be learning about the types of food they ate and comparing it to our diets. In our Mantle of the Expert topic, we will be taking on the role of being archaeologists and will be identifying and naming the bones of a Viking skeleton that has been discovered nearby. We will also be making a piece of Viking jewellery and preparing a celebration feast for a end of topic Viking banquet.

In our English lessons, we will be reading the very funny book 'There's a Viking in my bed' by Jeremy Strong and finding out about Sigurd, the Viking warrior. We will be developing our diary writing skills as the main character and will also be learning how to write a Viking poem called a Kenning. We will be writing interesting fact files about the Viking Gods and Goddesses and will present a speech to the rest of the class about one of them.

We are all excited about this topic and can't wait to find out about these people from ancient times!!

Enjoy looking at the photographs of our learning!

Health and Well-being

Autumn Term 1b

                                      Looking After Our World

This term, we have used our Pupil Voice to decide on the topic of 'Looking After Our World'. We will be learning about rainforests and how important they are to us all.

We will be taking on the role of Sir David Attenborough by presenting live from the Amazon (with the help of the Green Screen!).

We will be developing our ICT skills by creating a presentation about a rainforest animal by using Adobe Spark and will be creating a Jungle biome on Minecraft Education.

In Expressive Art, we will be creating some beautiful rainforest animal drawings using oil and colourful chalk pastels. We will also be meeting the people of the rainforest and will be using the designs of the Kayapo tribe to draw our own patterns.

In our language, literacy and Communication lessons, we will be reading the books 'The Great Kapok Tree' and 'The Shaman's Apprentice' by Lynne Cherry and will be basing our work on those two books, discussing issues that are raised in those stories. We will also be developing our persuasive writing skills by trying to Save the Rainforests.


Expressive Art

Languages, literacy & Communication

Outdoor Learning