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Class 3 - Years 3 & 4, Miss Morris

Who are we?

Class 3 is a mixed Year 3 and 4 class. There are currently 15 children in the class. 

We are happy, caring and hard working and try our best in everything we do smiley

Important Information:

School Times - The register is taken at 9am. Please be in school before this time. 

PE Day - is a Tuesday afternoon. Please ensure that all kits are in school on this day.

SeeSaw - we use the SeeSaw app to liaise with our parents. This app is free to download. 

Reading Books - will be sent home in your child's bookbag and will be changed weekly.

Reading Days - your child will be allocated a reading slot once a week.

Homework - will be sent home on a Friday via SeeSaw and is due the following Wednesday. 

Spellings - will be sent home on a Friday and will be tested the following Friday.


What are we doing this year?

Over the school year we will cover a variety of topics to develop our skills and knowledge. Please have a look below to find out more and to keep up with our learning journey laugh


Pupil Voice Topics

As part of our 'Pupil Voice', the children have worked together to discuss and create a mind map of topics that they would like to learn about over the year.


After a very long 6 months off school, we are entering the Autumn Term as archaeologists. Here is a topic web to show some of the skills we will be developing throughout this first half term laugh


Topic 1


We returned to school to find a letter from Cairo Museum of Egyptian Artefacts. Within the letter, the Museum explained their need of a team of archaeologists to help them investigate the discovery of a long lost tomb, to open the tomb and to catalogue what is found inside. We have excitedly accepted the challenge smiley 

Week 1 / Wythnos 1 - All about Egypt

Class 3 have had a very busy week. At the beginning we received a letter from Cairo Museum in Egypt, asking us to open up an unidentified tomb and to report back what we find. After a lengthy discussion, we decided to email the museum back to accept their projects and asked a variety of questions that would help us fulfil the task. As a class, we agreed that it would be a good idea to begin learning about Egypt this week. We have been able to locate Egypt on the map, identify geographical features and learn about the importance of the River Nile. We also planned a visit to Egypt and created a promotional flyer.

In Maths, we have been doing lots of practical and outdoor learning. Our focus this week has been number. In English, we have read the book ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’ and have identified similarities and differences between this version and the traditional fairytale version. Super work Class 3!

Week 2 / Wythnos 2 - Exploring Ancient Egypt

At the beginning of the week, Class 3 were pleased to receive a response back to their emails from Cairo Museum. The museum sent us virtual reality of the unidentified tomb, which we had lots of fun exploring on the iPads. With still so many unanswered questions, we decided to take a step back to ancient Egypt. Over the week, we have placed key events from the Ancient Egyptian period on a timeline, found out how society in ancient Egypt was organised and found out who the pharaoh’s were and why they were so important. Our learning this week has started to answer some of our questions and we are very much looking forward to hearing more from Cairo Museum, with further information regarding the unidentified tomb.

In Maths, we have continued with our work on Number and Place Value. We are enjoying many outdoor Maths activities as well as using practical resources in class to deepen our understanding. In English, we have used our inference skills to write a diary entry from Rhodopis’ point of view, taken part in a class debate and also begun to plan our own alternative version of a traditional tale. I am super proud of your hard work Class 3! Da iawn pawb!

Week 3 / Wythnos  - The Pyramids
Week 4 / Wythnos 4 - Tutankhamen
Week 5 / Wythnos 5 - Discovering the Long Lost Tomb
Week 6 / Wythnos 6 - Exploring Artefacts
Week 7 / Wythnos 7 - My Egyptian Tomb