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Class 3 - Yrs 3 & 4, Mrs Pitt-Lacey

Who are we?

Class 3 is a mixed Year 3 and 4 class with currently 15 children in the class. 

We are happy, caring and hard working and try our best in everything we do. We love learning new things and have brilliant imaginations.

Important Information:

School Times - The register is taken at 9am. Please be in school before this time. 

PE Day - is a Tuesday afternoon. Please ensure that all kits are in school on this day.

SeeSaw - we use the SeeSaw app to liaise with our parents. This app is free to download. 

Reading Books - will be sent home in your child's bookbag and will be changed weekly.

Reading Days - your child will be allocated a reading slot once a week.

Homework - will be sent home on a Friday via SeeSaw and is due the following Wednesday. 

Spellings - will be sent home on a Friday and will be tested the following Friday.


What are we doing this year?

Over the school year we will cover a variety of topics to develop our skills and knowledge. Please have a look below to find out more and to keep up with our learning journey.


Pupil Voice Topics

As part of our 'Pupil Voice', the children have worked together to discuss and create a mind map of topics that they would like to learn about over the year.


After a very long 6 months off school, we are entering the Autumn Term as archaeologists. Here is a topic web to show some of the skills we will be developing throughout this first half term laugh


Topic 1


We returned to school to find a letter from Cairo Museum of Egyptian Artefacts. Within the letter, the Museum explained their need of a team of archaeologists to help them investigate the discovery of a long lost tomb, to open the tomb and to catalogue what is found inside. We have excitedly accepted the challenge smiley 

Week 1 / Wythnos 1 - All about Egypt

Class 3 have had a very busy week. At the beginning we received a letter from Cairo Museum in Egypt, asking us to open up an unidentified tomb and to report back what we find. After a lengthy discussion, we decided to email the museum back to accept their projects and asked a variety of questions that would help us fulfil the task. As a class, we agreed that it would be a good idea to begin learning about Egypt this week. We have been able to locate Egypt on the map, identify geographical features and learn about the importance of the River Nile. We also planned a visit to Egypt and created a promotional flyer.

In Maths, we have been doing lots of practical and outdoor learning. Our focus this week has been number. In English, we have read the book ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’ and have identified similarities and differences between this version and the traditional fairytale version. Super work Class 3!

Week 2 / Wythnos 2 - Exploring Ancient Egypt

At the beginning of the week, Class 3 were pleased to receive a response back to their emails from Cairo Museum. The museum sent us virtual reality of the unidentified tomb, which we had lots of fun exploring on the iPads. With still so many unanswered questions, we decided to take a step back to ancient Egypt. Over the week, we have placed key events from the Ancient Egyptian period on a timeline, found out how society in ancient Egypt was organised and found out who the pharaoh’s were and why they were so important. Our learning this week has started to answer some of our questions and we are very much looking forward to hearing more from Cairo Museum, with further information regarding the unidentified tomb.

In Maths, we have continued with our work on Number and Place Value. We are enjoying many outdoor Maths activities as well as using practical resources in class to deepen our understanding. In English, we have used our inference skills to write a diary entry from Rhodopis’ point of view, taken part in a class debate and also begun to plan our own alternative version of a traditional tale. I am super proud of your hard work Class 3! Da iawn pawb!

Week 3 / Wythnos  - The Pyramids

After taking another step into virtual reality at the beginning of the week, we decided as a class to base our learning this week on Egyptian Pyramids. We have carried out research on pyramids and created our own pyramids on Minecraft too. Towards the end of the week, we have taken a look at some of the inventions and achievements of the Ancient Egyptians and learned about hieroglyphs. In English, we have been planning our writing for our alternative versions of a traditional fairy tale. Following Shirley Climo’s style, we have adapted traditional fairy tales, with an Egyptian twist. Some of our choices include, Little Red Riding Hood, The Emperor’s New Clothes and The Boy Who Cried Wolf. The plans have been carefully thought through, and we are excited to begin writing our stories next week.

Week 4 / Wythnos 4 - Tutankhamen

This week, Class 3 have been learning about Tutankhamun and the discovery of his tomb made by Howard Carter in 1922. At the beginning of the week, they used the Internet to research information about the famous pharaoh and then used an app to role play Tutankhamun, using interesting facts they had found. After learning that his tomb was discovered 3000 years after his death, we decided as a class to learn more about the discovery. We turned an area of the classroom into the tomb, took on the role of Howard Carter and catalogued some of the artefacts found inside the tomb. Later on the week, the children used PicCollage to create freeze frames to retell the discovery which they then used to create and write a comic strip.

In Maths, Class 3 have spent the week finishing off our work on number, as well as practicing times tables to improve our efficiency. In English, the children have finished writing and editing their alternative versions of a traditional fairy tale.

We are looking forward to sharing the finished books with you on SeeSaw next week J Da iawn, Dosbarth 3!

Week 5 / Wythnos 5 - Discovering the Long Lost Tomb

This week Class 3 have continued to investigate the lost tomb discovered in the Valley of Kings. Using their learning, they were able to script and perform a news report to report the discovery. Towards the end of the week, they followed their designs carefully to make a cartouche using salt dough. Super work Class 3.

In Maths, Class 3 have moved on to addition this week and in English, they have typed, illustrated and designed their alternative versions of traditional fairytales. Gwaith hyfryd Dosbarth 3!

Week 6 / Wythnos 6 - Exploring Artefacts

This week, we have been busy exploring Ancient Egyptian artefacts. After making predictions and learning about what the artefacts were, we decided to re-create some of the artefacts we found. We have decorated our cartouches, made an Egyptian necklace and made our own papyrus picture. After making our artefacts, we selfassessed our artwork in Welsh, using new language patterns we have learned. In English, we have recalled the process of mummification and created our own VLOG video to explain how to mummify a tomato using instructional language. In Maths, we have revisited Addition and Subtraction. We have worked practically and used the outdoors as much as we can. Gwaith arbennig Dosbarth 3.

Week 7 / Wythnos 7 - My Egyptian Tomb

The children have had an incredibly busy week finishing off their Ancient Egyptian topic. In their lessons, they have considered items that are precious to them and decided which items they would include in their tombs if they were a pharaoh. They have also built their own tombs on Minecraft Education and designed their own Egyptian masks. I was impressed with the children during their virtual workshop with Liverpool Museum, where the children watched the process of mummification being performed. It was lovely to see them answer questions so confidently and show off their incredible knowledge. On Wednesday, the children enjoyed their Eco morning. They took part in a number of activities including planting and poster making, and they shared some brilliant ideas of ways they already do and could do more of to help save the planet. Gwaith arbenning Dosbarth 3!

Our Work / Ein Gwaith

We had so much fun recreating some of the artifacts we found in the tombs. Come take a look at our masterpieces laugh


After a well deserved half term break, we are entering Autumn Term 2 as TV Producers.


Topic 2

Did you know that the 2020 series of 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!' is being filmed near our primary school?

Over half term a flyer was posted into our school letterbox. Ant, Dec and ITV are recruiting a local school to create a children's version of the show. Following a similar structure of winning stars for camp, we must design and create our own challenges and film our very first episode. Make sure you visit our class page to follow our journey... laugh

Meet Our Campmates...

Week 1 / Wythnos 1 - Australian Jungle vs Gwrych Castle

We have had such a brilliant first week back in Class 3. After returning to a flyer from Ant and Dec in our letterbox and having a thorough discussion, we decided as a class that our topic this half term should be ‘I’m a Class 3 pupil… Get Me Out of Here’. Being so close to Gwrych castle and knowing very little about it, we agreed that our theme this week was ‘Gwrych Castle vs Australian Jungle’. We have spent the week comparing Wales to Australia, researching Gwrych Castle and Springbrook National Park, listing similarities and differences between the two locations and creating a brochure. We have also been busy drawing and painting Gwrych castle in the style of Welsh artist Rhiannon Roberts, as well as teaching Ant & Dec some Welsh in preparation for their arrival. Gwaith bendigedig Dosbarth 3!

On Tuesday, we very much enjoyed our Outdoor Classroom Day. We spent the day doing leaf paintings, going on a hunt and creating animals and faces with what we found.

Week 2 / Wythnos 2 - The Campmates

What a fun and exciting week we have had this week. At the beginning of the week, we created a job advert to advertise the job of a camp mate. After thinking carefully about the role and skills a camp mate would need to survive the castle, we wrote an application form and filmed an audition clip for the role. We used the Green Screen to create our audition clips and enjoyed watching them back. We have also applied our Maths skills well into our topic lessons this week by calculating how much it would cost the campmates to fly to Australia in comparison to the cost of travelling to Gwrych Castle. We also used our time telling skills to plan a schedule for the campmates and decided how we would spend our winnings if we were to be crowned King/Queen of the castle.

We also were incredibly excited to receive a phone call from ITV asking us to feature on ‘This Morning’ to tell them all about our new topic. We had great fun transforming our classroom and creating ‘I’m a Celebrity’ flags. We hope you tuned in to watch J

Mwynhewch y penwythnos hir / Enjoy the long weekend!

Week 3 / Wythnos 3 - Road Safety & Anti Bullying Week

This week our focus has been Anti-Bullying and Road Safety. At the beginning of the week we used scenario cards to discuss different types of bullying and had a number of class discussions to share our thoughts. We designed our own jigsaw puzzle which we pieced together to celebrate our uniqueness. It has made a beautiful display in our corridor. Then, we designed our own anti-bullying superhero and carefully considered essential powers it would need. It was also so lovely to see so many of you wearing odd socks and we had so much fun designing our own pair of odd socks to represent ourselves. We have also designed a Road Safety poster to display in and around school.

In our Maths lessons this week, we have improved our subtraction skills. We have practiced column subtraction and have improved our confidence with regrouping. Our task in English this week is to decide whether or not the next series of ‘I’m a Celebrity’ should be filmed in Abergele. To help us come to a decision, we have discussed advantages and disadvantages of ‘I’m a Celebrity’ being filmed in Gwrych Castle and have gathered our ideas ready to write our persuasive letters to ITV. I cannot wait to read them! Gwaith da Dosbarth 3!

Week 4 / Wythnos 4 - The Activities

In Class 3 this week we have continued with our topic ‘I’m a Class 3 Pupil… Get Me Out of Here’. Our theme this week has been ‘Bushtucker Trials’. At the beginning of the week, we looked at a map of the castle and discussed which rooms would be most suitable for different purposes of the show. Then, we looked at how many stars each celebrity has won so far and created a graph using HWB to show the data collected. After discussing the trials we have seen so far, we designed our own ‘Bushtucker’ trial. There were many terrifying trials amongst our designs! Towards the end of the week, we discussed the meals the campmates have been eating. Then, we designed a winning meal of our choice and researched what would be safe to eat in a Welsh forest if we had to forage for our food. Excellent, Dosbarth 3!

In English, we have edited and redrafted our persuasive letters. Once we were happy with our final drafts, we were able to make decisions about how we would like to present our final pieces. Some of us chose to handwrite our letters, whilst others decided to type on Microsoft Word. In Maths, we have been finishing off subtraction and we have also been finishing our advent angels ready to be collected and displayed in the Church window next week 

Week 5 / Wythnos 5 - Broadcasting our first episode

This week in Class 3 we have been finishing off our topic, ‘I’m a Class 3 pupil… Get me out of here’. At the beginning of the week, we worked in groups to plan our own episode of the show and thought carefully about what bush tucker trials we would be able to do in school. After finalising our plans, we designed posters to advertise our show and created tickets for the trials. We had enormous fun carrying out the trials and enjoyed watching our episodes back. When watching our episodes back, we created a tally chart to keep count of how many stars each of us won and presented our results in a graph. In our Maths lessons, we have been working practically to explore methods of division and in English we have been developing our script writing skills. Super work!


I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know and teaching Class 3 over the last year. I would like to thank all the children for their hard work and wish them all the very best :) 

Week 6 / Wythnos 6 - Christmas

This week in Class 3 we have been feeling festive, and to help us all get into the Christmas mood we have been finding out about Christmas around the world. First, we worked with a partner to research a country and learn about their Christmas traditions. Then, using Apple Clips, we compiled our facts using images, text and voice recordings. When all of our videos were complete, Mrs Pitt-Lacey helped upload them to Thinglink to create an interactive world map. Da iawn pawb! Gwaith ardderchog!


Follow the link to view our map and watch our videos.