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Class 2 - Reception, Years 1 and 2

Welcome to our Class page, here is some information that you may find useful.

Mrs Laura Evans is the Foundation Phase Leader and is responsible for the running of our classes. 

Our Foundation Phase team include Mrs Sian Williams, HLTA, Miss Jessica Holroyd TA, and Mrs Gina Wilkins TA.


Learning starts at 9 am everyday, so please make sure you arrive at school on time. Our school day finishes at 3pm unless alternative arrangements have been made e.g taxi or after school club.


Reading days- Children have allocated days which are recorded in your child's reading diary. However, we do ask that your child has their book bag in school every day.

Snack-You can pay for fruit using ParentPay. Alternatively, you can send fruit in with your child everyday. We are a healthy school, so only fruit will be given at snack times.

PE- Our PE day is Thursday, we ask that children come to school in their kits please and will remain in their kits for the school day. There is a school PE kit which can be purchased from First Class Clothing in Prestatyn.

Homework- Year 2 will receive homework on a Thursday which will be set on Seesaw, I ask for it to be completed by the following Wednesday. Children in Years 1 and 2 will also have weekly spellings to learn for a test on a Friday. We ask that Reception children go through sounds and flashcards as often as possible to support their learning.


Autumn 1a Superheroes

When children started school after the summer holiday, they were given a recording from our school Caretake, Mr Evans. Mr Evans explained to the children that there had been some very strange sightings around school during the holiday! He believed these beings were wearing cloaks and possibly eye masks- what on earth had been going on? Mr Evans had also collected some clues from around school, believed to have been left by our visitors. The children agreed that they would help Mr Evans and find out what exactly had been going on in our school. Class 2 became private investigators, they talked together to discuss who they thought had been in school. Their ideas included ' Fairies' 'Superheroes' 'Baddies'. Follow our story to find out more!

Week 1- Becoming Investigators!

We decided that it would be a good idea to set to explore around school, to see if we could find anymore clues. Before we could do this, we would need a list of things we would need to take with us. Children thought carefully about what we would need and shared their ideas. Off we went, we searched high and low but unfortunately, we didn't find much. although, some children believed they saw footprints " The biggest footprints they had ever seen!" 

Together, we had to think what our next steps as investigators would be.... So, we thought a letter would be a good way to communicate. We had to think carefully about what we would want say and where would be the best place to put this letter. All children wrote a letter, asking the questions they wanted answering. We had to keep our fingers crossed that we would get a reply. Before we could put our letter out, Year 2 pupils thought it would be a good idea to email Mrs Martin to ask permission to place our letter in the corridor. After answering a couple of queries from Mrs Martin, they were given the go ahead! We were so excited to see whether we would get a reply.... To be continued.

Week 2- Exploring and Communicating!

This week we were all so excited! We received a letter back from our visitors! We all read the letter together and talked about what we were going to do next. This letter did inform us that we were dealing with Superheroes, so some of us were right when we guessed at the beginning of this mystery.  The letter told us that they had been at our school to do good- which pleased Mrs Evans!

The Superheroes asked for more information about our own super powers, so we thought carefully about what our own powers could be.... We thought our powers could be kindness, helpfulness, happiness and many more. In fact, we have some really super powerful children in our class! We made a display showing our powers, hoping that the heroes would visit to see them. We made our own masks and posed like heroes. For Nat'ional fitness day, we started off with a yoga session and worked on the 'Spider Pose.' We also took the opportunity to learn about a real life super hero and went back in time to find out about Florence Nightingale. Children used the internet to research facts about Florence Nightingale. 

This week we had skyscrapers in our classroom and children used the numicon shapes to complete the sky scrapers, using different shapes to do so.


Week 3- Our Super powers