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Class 2 - Rec, Years 1 and 2

Welcome to our Class page, here is some information that you may find useful.

Mrs Laura Evans is the Foundation Phase Leader and is responsible for the running of our classes. 

Our Foundation Phase team include Mrs Sian Williams, HLTA, Miss Ella TA, and Mrs Gina Wilkins TA.


Learning starts at 9 am everyday, so please make sure you arrive at school on time. Our school day finishes at 3pm unless alternative arrangements have been made e.g taxi or after school club.


Reading days- Children have allocated days which are recorded in your child's reading diary. However, we do ask that your child has their book bag in school every day.

Snack-You can pay for fruit using ParentPay. Alternatively, you can send fruit in with your child everyday. We are a healthy school, so only fruit will be given at snack times.

PE- Our PE day is Thursday, we ask that children come to school in their kits please and will remain in their kits for the school day. There is a school PE kit which can be purchased from First Class Clothing in Prestatyn.

Homework- Year 2 will receive homework on a Thursday which will be set on Seesaw, I ask for it to be completed by the following Wednesday. Children in Years 1 and 2 will also have weekly spellings to learn for a test on a Friday. We ask that Reception children go through sounds and flashcards as often as possible to support their learning.


                             Under the Sea   Summer B



Health and Wellbeing

Taking responsibility for recycling to help our environment and oceans. Create posters to encourage people to recycle and to reuse where possible.

To understand the affects that throw away plastics are having on our environment by watching videos of our oceans and what happens to the sea creatures.




To look at the beaches that our local to ourselves and to be able to label the seas.


Science and Technology

Sorting materials


Languages, Literacy and Communication

Postcard writing in Welsh

Listen to stories

Letter of response to the council

Researching sea creatures and their habitats in order to write a shape poem.

Write and perform using green screen a news report all about plastics.

Write a response to the whale’s tale.




Expressive Arts

Moving like sea creatures- perform a dance of the ocean.

Look at Henri Matisse and the coral reef

Father’s Day cards – June 20th


Mathematics and Numeracy




Languages Literacy and Communications

Report writing on their findings from history

Research all modes of transport and collect information

Mathematical and Numeracy

Matching numerals

Paper aeroplanes- how far will they travel?

Car colour survey

Ordinal numbers


Chronological order of vehicles

Research of vehicles from the past- how have they changed. Look at the electronic cars and why do we think changes like these are important for the environment.

Recognise similarities and differences between the past and present day.

Expressive arts

Role play area- mechanics

Small world town with a road and vehicles

Painting with vehicles

Health and well-being

Making choices that help the environment- think about why walking would be better than going in a car.

Road Safety- identify risks

Science and technology

Ramps and vehicles- experiment with the ramp, which one will make the car travel the fastest.


Spring Term b   'Whatever Next!'

This half term we have a very important mission to undertake, Class 2 will become space engineers and will need to rescue Baby Bear. We will be learning about everything we see on our journey, including the planets and stars. We will have to work as a team to build our very own space craft that will carry us up to space on our mission. Follow our journey on Seesaw to see if we are successful and complete our mission. 

  Health and Well being

∙ Healthy eating for the picnic.



∙Compare and contrast the landscapes of the planets. What are the distances of different planets to where we live.

∙Create a timeline of different people that have been to space, have any Welsh people been to space.

Science and Technology

∙ To learn about the planets and the solar system.

∙To experiment with the correct material to keep you dry when going on a space mission.

∙Building a Rocket/space craft

Languages, Literacy and Communication

∙To write lists of equipment.

∙To design leaflets using persuasive language to encourage someone to visit their made up planet.

∙Write a letter/postcard home from space.

∙Record a news report and green screen to explain what it is like where they have landed.

∙Write a set of instructions.

Expressive Arts

∙Role play- retelling the story of Baby Bear using the role play area.

∙ Design a rocket.

∙Design your own solar system using paper mache, and recyclable materials, make a set of instructions to create it. Use of different materials, colours and textures.

Mathematics and Numeracy

∙Measure when creating their rocket/space ship. Make size comparisons.

∙Reception and Nursery will use 2D shape to build their own rocket

∙Sandwich combinations and data collection- favourite fillings.


Space Engineers

Autumn b Percy the Park Keeper

Children have listened to the famous Percy the park keeper stories by Nick Butterworth and have enjoyed getting to know the character Percy. This week the children were told that Percy was struggling to keep the park clean because the leaves keep dropping. We discussed why we thought that may be. The children decided that it was because we are in the season of Autumn, this would have something to do with why the leaves are falling from the trees. The children decided that the best option was to help Percy out. But, what would we need? Each child compiled a list using ICT of equipment that they would need for this job. Children went outside and collected all the leaves. We brought these inside and used the app 'seek' to help us identify the leaves. This week we have also made our own firework displays using lots of colourful glitter and chalks. Year 2 children have used their mathematical skills to record the temperature for Percy, they have kept a chart all week to find out which was the warmest day of the week. 

Week 1 Becoming Percy's helpers.

This week has been very busy with lots of fun activities. Percy needed help to keep the park clean and tidy this week. He has had a problem with litter. The children put their thinking caps on and decided that they were going to design posters to put up around the park to encourage people to pick up their rubbish. I am sure Percy will be extremely thankful! On Wednesday we held our minutes silence, where we remembered all the soldiers who have lost their lives in war. We made our own beautiful poppies using the poppy seeds. The children were amazed at the size of the seeds when they looked closely. Mrs Wilkins brought in her ceramic poppy for us to look at too. This week we have also found out about Diwali, and made our own Rangoli patterns. We used lots of lovely bright colours and sequins. We look forward to another busy week ahead.

Week 2

We have celebrated Anti bullying week and Road Safety week, so we have been very busy in the Foundation Phase. Children learnt how to cross the road safely, we made sure we listened and looked very carefully for vehicles, some of our drivers were a little on the wild side! On Monday we all wore odd socks to recognise our individuality and designed our own jigsaw piece. The glitter has started too, we made our own angels that will be displayed in Sinan Church after the 27th November. Year 2 have continued to work and help Percy the Park Keeper and are in the process of writing a very important letter. Children went outdoors to learn about hibernation. We talked about the animals that appear in the Percy Park Keeper story books to help us, we used this information to help us make a whole class power point on hibernation. The children have really enjoyed learning some new festive songs too! 
This week children in Year 2 have been writing a very important letter! All will be revealed when they have completed the task. They have learnt the differences between a formal and informal letter and are thinking carefully about the type of vocabulary they would use. We are starting our Christmas preparations, the glitter is out! We have been thinking about what Advent is. We made our own Advent calendar, ready for next week. We have been busy learning some Christmas songs, we really enjoy singing. We have been working on our problem solving skills this week, we had to work as a team to think carefully about the problem presented. We transferred our communication skills into our PE session, where we used the parachute! We had to work together to get the ball to go through the hole in the middle. It has been another fun filled week and we are ready to find out about the Christmas story next week.
We have listened to the Christmas story this week, and have been busy creating our display telling the story. We continue to sing away, learning our songs. This week we have been very excited because we have started to open our Advent calendar that we made. The Christmas tree also went up this week, as did everyone's excitement levels! We are looking forward to next week with more fun planned.

We have had a lovely week, full of Christmas craft. We made our hats ready for our Christmas dinner on Thursday. This was a little different this year but we still enjoyed it and we all looked lovely in our Christmas jumpers! We have been making our Christmas cards and recorded our songs to share with our parents next week. We have all been working on 2D and 3D shapes this week- we sorted presents into their shapes and went on a hunt around the classroom for different shapes, the children found lots and remembered their names. This week our Year 2 children had an amazing response from our Governing Body regarding our brown shed. The children had written to the Governors asking for help. Our Chair, Mr Hicks met with the children on Thursday. Mr Jones, our parent Governor came to look at what would be needed to improve the shed and is going to help with the repairs. The children would like to thank GWD Landscaping for the kind donation of the materials needed to repair the shed! Their next project is to write a thank you email!

We are looking forward to our party next week and we are watching a panto too!

Autumn 1a Superheroes

When children started school after the summer holiday, they were given a recording from our school Caretake, Mr Evans. Mr Evans explained to the children that there had been some very strange sightings around school during the holiday! He believed these beings were wearing cloaks and possibly eye masks- what on earth had been going on? Mr Evans had also collected some clues from around school, believed to have been left by our visitors. The children agreed that they would help Mr Evans and find out what exactly had been going on in our school. Class 2 became private investigators, they talked together to discuss who they thought had been in school. Their ideas included ' Fairies' 'Superheroes' 'Baddies'. Follow our story to find out more!

Week 1- Becoming Investigators!

We decided that it would be a good idea to set to explore around school, to see if we could find anymore clues. Before we could do this, we would need a list of things we would need to take with us. Children thought carefully about what we would need and shared their ideas. Off we went, we searched high and low but unfortunately, we didn't find much. although, some children believed they saw footprints " The biggest footprints they had ever seen!" 

Together, we had to think what our next steps as investigators would be.... So, we thought a letter would be a good way to communicate. We had to think carefully about what we would want say and where would be the best place to put this letter. All children wrote a letter, asking the questions they wanted answering. We had to keep our fingers crossed that we would get a reply. Before we could put our letter out, Year 2 pupils thought it would be a good idea to email Mrs Martin to ask permission to place our letter in the corridor. After answering a couple of queries from Mrs Martin, they were given the go ahead! We were so excited to see whether we would get a reply.... To be continued.

Week 2- Exploring and Communicating!

This week we were all so excited! We received a letter back from our visitors! We all read the letter together and talked about what we were going to do next. This letter did inform us that we were dealing with Superheroes, so some of us were right when we guessed at the beginning of this mystery.  The letter told us that they had been at our school to do good- which pleased Mrs Evans!

The Superheroes asked for more information about our own super powers, so we thought carefully about what our own powers could be.... We thought our powers could be kindness, helpfulness, happiness and many more. In fact, we have some really super powerful children in our class! We made a display showing our powers, hoping that the heroes would visit to see them. We made our own masks and posed like heroes. For Nat'ional fitness day, we started off with a yoga session and worked on the 'Spider Pose.' We also took the opportunity to learn about a real life super hero and went back in time to find out about Florence Nightingale. Children used the internet to research facts about Florence Nightingale. 

This week we had skyscrapers in our classroom and children used the numicon shapes to complete the sky scrapers, using different shapes to do so.


Week 3- Our Super powers

This week we have been thinking about the important role of superheroes, saving people and having super powers! So, we thought carefully how we could help these heroes. " We could give them healthy food!" This was a fantastic idea, but we needed to research the foods we could give them. Children in Year 2 used the internet to find information about super foods and wrote a shopping list. All other children identified different fruits and vegetables to create a list. Mrs Evans went shopping and we tried lots of lovely fruits. We thought of lots of different adjectives to describe what we thought about the fruit. Pomegranate had very mixed reviews! However, all of the children were brave and tried all the fruits, even if they weren't sure. Towards the end of the week we had a special visit from one of the Superheroes, the class had the opportunity to ask as many questions as they wanted to help them find out any missing part of information. The children thought of some excellent questions- they used the information they heard to create a map of where they thought the superheroes came from. Children in Year 2 talked about a compass and added a key to their maps.

Week 4 Staying healthy!

We have had a busy week of assessments this week in the Foundation Phase. Nevertheless, we have managed to have fun and have a productive week. We are in charge of developing the outdoor area, so we have made a start on the planters. Children worked together and used the tools to weed the planters, they explored the different herbs we have growing and used their senses to try and identify them. We have joined the Royal Horticultural Society and this week achieved Level 1 of the School Gardening Awards. We now need to decide what we want to grow, so we can work towards Level 2. Children used a paint programme on the computers to design their own gardens- they were very colourful! We can't wait to get some vegetables growing in the new year. 

Week 5 Gardening!

We have started thinking about Autumn and to help us with our learning we went exploring in our local area. It was a went day but we put on our coats and wellies and off we went. We looked all around us and collected some leaves to have a closer look at when we got back to school. We listened to a story 'The Scarecrow's Wedding' by Julia Donaldson and made Scarecrow biscuits using our mathematical skills to weigh out all the ingredients. Some children used their fine motor skills to make a necklace with the threading beads for the wedding. We researched information about Autumn using the internet safely. 

Week 6 Scarecrows