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Class 2 - Rec, Years 1 and 2

Welcome to our Class page, here is some information that you may find useful.

Mrs Laura Evans is the Foundation Phase Leader and is responsible for the running of our classes. 

Our Foundation Phase team include Mrs Sian Williams, HLTA, Miss Satchel TA, and Mrs Gina Wilkins TA.


Learning starts at 9 am everyday, so please make sure you arrive at school on time. Our school day finishes at 3pm unless alternative arrangements have been made e.g taxi or after school club.


Reading days- Children have allocated days which are recorded in your child's reading diary. However, we do ask that your child has their book bag in school every day.

Snack-You can pay for fruit using ParentPay. Alternatively, you can send fruit in with your child everyday. We are a healthy school, so only fruit will be given at snack times.

PE- Our PE day is Tuesday, we ask that children come to school in their kits please and will remain in their kits for the school day. There is a school PE kit which can be purchased from First Class Clothing in Prestatyn.

Homework- Year 2 will receive homework on a Thursday which will be set on Seesaw, I ask for it to be completed by the following Wednesday. Children in Years 1 and 2 will also have weekly spellings to learn for a test on a Friday. We ask that Reception children go through sounds and flashcards as often as possible to support their learning.


Spring Term b Fairy Tales

Dinosaurs Spring Term a

Spring Term a Dinosaurs

This half term children discovered some strange footprints on our school yard! They were very keen to investigate. So the children set off to look more closely at the prints, they decided to follow the prints and see where the creature may have gone. They took out measuring equipment to see how large the prints were, using our numeracy skills. The children thought that they discovered samples of poo, so we collected it to examine. We learnt all about herbivores and carnivores and we used this information to help us identify what the dinosaur was who had left the prints. The children were of the firm opinion that it was a herbivore! We used the internet to discover lots of facts about dinosaurs and recorded these in our own way. We made dinosaur models and we even got to go to the museum in Liverpool to help us find out more about the different dinosaurs.

Autumn 1b Handa's Surprise

Autumn 1a 'Bones'

Health and Well-being

I can notice and communicate my feelings. – We will be talking about our feelings through English and Welsh. This will also be covered through the Jigsaw Unit.

I can take part in group decisions.- By working on different problems through out our topic work we will work in groups to solve the problems. Developing our ability to listen to others’ opinions.

I can recognise that there are similarities and differences between people’s values and attitudes. – We will be looking at similarities and differences by focusing on ourselves.

Mathematics and Numeracy

I can investigate, collect and record data found in my environment.-We will be collecting data on hair colour and eye colour using tally charts, pictograms.

I am beginning to interpret and analyse simple graphs, charts and data.- Information will be shown using graphs and pictograms and this will be interpreted.

I can explain my findings and I am beginning to evaluate how well my method worked.- Children will make choices when measuring and decide if they used the most effective method.


I have used a variety of objects to measure. I am beginning to understand the need to repeat the same physical unit without any gaps when measuring.- Children will be measuring using standard and non-standard units.

I have explored measuring, using counting, measuring equipment and calculating, and I can choose the most appropriate method to measure.

Expressive Arts

I can explore and experiment with a variety of creative techniques, materials, processes, resources, tools and technologies.-Self portraits.

I am beginning to compare my own creative work to the creative work of others.

I am beginning to design my own creative work.

I can share my creative work.


Languages, Literacy and Communication.

I can recognise the features of different types of texts and use appropriate language to talk about them. Creating a non-fiction book about our body.

I can listen to others with growing attention. Children will be encouraged to listen to one another and share their ideas.

I am beginning to ask and answer questions to clarify my understanding. – Through our topic work children will talk and question and problem solve.

 I can develop my vocabulary through listening and reading and use these new words in a variety of contexts.- New topic related vocabulary will be introduced and encourages through small world and role play areas.

I can listen to others and understand that they may have a different perspective from my own.

I can find and use information from different materials that I read.


I am beginning to communicate my observations in simple ways.

I can show an awareness of who I am and that I am similar and different to others.

I am beginning to understand that we need to respect others.

Science and Technology

I can explore the environment, make observations and communicate my ideas.- We will be completing an egg experiment where we look at and predict what different substance will do to the egg shell.

I can recognise patterns from my observations and investigations and can communicate my findings.