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Class 1 - Nursery


Welcome to our Nursery page, here is some useful information 


Our sessions run from 1pm-3pm everyday, we aim to deliver a varied and exciting curriculum where children have a big input into their learning.

We ask that children have spare clothes and wipes in a bag, just in case. Sometimes children can be so engrossed in their learning, accidents do happen.

Our children have a snack every afternoon, this consists of fruit and a drink of milk or water. You can make a payment for fruit via ParentPay, alternatively, you can send fruit with your child. Please let us know if your child is unable to have milk.

Autumn b- Percy the Park Keeper.

This week we have had fun collecting leaves. We have made our Christmas cards for our families to buy and we created our own firework displays. We experimented using lots of glitter and chalk to make the different patterns.

Week 2- This week the children have been very busy. Mrs Wilkins brought in her ceramic poppy to show us and we used it to make our own beautiful poppies. Mrs Williams gave us potatoes to print with to make the poppies. We found out about Diwali and made Rangoli patterns using lots of lovely bright colours and sequins. We have been busy singing songs and listened to stories too.


Week 3- This week we wore our odd socks on Monday and celebrated our individuality. We have been learning about keeping safe on the road. We took the vehicles out and used the road signs to control the traffic! We practised Stop, Look and Listen. We have made some beautiful angels which will be displayed in Sinan Church soon. This week we have been learning some new songs! We are really enjoying the singing.
Week 4- This week we have made our own Advent calendar ready for next week. We have been busy singing our Christmas songs, we love singing!  We played some parachute games, where we had to solve problems together. Next week we are will listen to the Christmas story, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
This week our Christmas tree has gone up and we are all so excited! We have been busy singing away this week ready to film next week. We have been helping Mrs Williams make our Christmas story on the classroom wall. Mrs Williams has been reading some Christmas stories and we have been listening carefully. There has been some snow in the classroom this week, it is so much fun!
This week we continue to be very busy! We have created some lovely craft that we will bringing home next week. We all enjoyed our Christmas dinner on Thursday, we wore our hats that we had made for the occasion. We recorded our songs ready to share next week. We are all looking forward to our party next week. Everybody is very excited now!

Autumn 1a Superheroes

For our first week in Nursery we had lots of games to help us settle in to school and get used to the classroom. We painted our hands, played in the water and did lots of jigsaws and playdough.

We all had a lovely week and there were lots of smiles.

Week 2

This week we have made our own superhero to go on the wall display. We all helped to make it using tissue paper and paint- he is huge! We posed like superheroes, using masks and capes- this was lots of fun. We are really enjoying learning how to sit quietly and listen carefully to a story too.

Week 3

This week we have been experimenting with paint, we painted our own superheroes and talked about who our heroes were at home. We have continued to have lots of fun, playing inside and out. We are learning to listen and wait for our turn.

Week 4

This week we talked about healthy food. We made our own shopping list by cutting out pictures of fruit and vegetables. We had to concentrate to use the scissors carefully! We enjoyed trying all the different fruits and thought they were yummy. We also took part in the school fundraiser, the sponsored move! We had to do as many laps of the field as possible, we did it! The whole school managed to work together to do 1000 laps of the field! We have been practising our counting this week, we painted our hands and counted the our fingers. Another busy week for everyone but we had lots of fun!

Week 5- This week we have been busy and had lots of fun in the garden, once the rain had stopped! We have been digging in the soil to sort out the planters and get rid of the weeds. We are going to grow our own vegetables in the new year. We had to listen carefully and follow instructions. We also explored the herbs that we have growing in the garden. We used our senses and Mrs Williams help us to find out what they were.